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Important Customer Information

Payment Policies, Client Responsibilities and Fee Information

Service Call Response : Fees and Client Responsibilities

We charge a flat rate non-negotiable response fee to respond to service and estimation services when the service request requires an on site evaluation to cover the cost of time and travel to dispatch our technicians. Acknowledgement of this fee policy must be received prior to the dispatch of our technicians and is due on site. Please be prepared to provide owner or authorized representative approval for any services to be provided as well as payment either on site to our technician or electronically if the owner or authorized agent can not be present. Our standard response fee is $59 within 30 miles and $89 overtime within 30 miles of our service dispatch area. Travel exceeding 30 miles of our service dispatch area (98221) will be subject to additional travel costs at the standard Washington mileage rate. 

Estimate Approval and Work Completion: Payment Policies and Client Responsibilities

Our technician will provide a service evaluation and cost estimate and submit it for approval prior to beginning any service work. In the event that the proposed work exceeds $800.00, a %50 percent down payment must be provided along with your approval signature prior to scheduling your services. Once approval and any necessary deposits have been received, work can begin. In the event that any change in the scope of work or costs due to unforeseen circumstances becomes necessary for the successful completion of your project occurs, a new scope of work and estimate will be provided to you and will need to be authorized prior to the continuation of services. Once your project has been completed, the remaining balance for your services is due. Your technician can provide a final invoice on site and can also accept payment. A no fee ACH electronic payment option will be provided for you with your final invoice for your convenience. We can also accept credit card payments on site or over the phone for an additional 2.5% transaction fee. No payment arrangement requests will be accepted after work has been completed.

Client Approval Policy

We will only accept site access, scope of work and estimate approval from the legal owner or authorized representative of the property/service site. When the legal owner is not available to be on site, written authorization or legal documentation of the authorized representative's approval authority must be provided via email prior to the dispatch of our technician or start of work. By granting access and allowing our technician to perform work or other duties/services, you accept our payment policies and will be legally responsible for incurred costs. In the event that any on site representative provides fraudulent authority to approve work or falsifies payment responsibility, the property will be subject to lean while we work with the legal owner to pursue the fraudulent party until the balance owed is satisfied and damages have been resolved. 

Late Payment Fees and Policies

In the event that any balance for services provided becomes past due, the balance will continue to accrue late fees until the account balance is satisfied in full according to the following schedule:

10 Days Past Due - $25 10 Day Late Fee

30 Days Past Due - $25 30 Day Late Fee = $50 Total Late Fees at 30 Days Past Due

60 Days Past Due - $50 60 Day Late Fee = $100 Total Late Fee at 60 Days Past Due

At 65 days Past Due - The total outstanding balance will be subject to collections and will continue to accrue interest according to the collection agency's policy.

We DO NOT offer financing, but for lengthy or high cost projects we occasionally offer supplemental payment arrangements over the duration of the project up to a maximum of 30 days post completion when agreed on and signed prior to the completion of the project. No payment arrangements will be accepted after the project is completed. If you would like to discuss a supplemental payment arrangement, please discuss it with your estimator prior to approving your estimate and scope of work. Once you have accepted your scope of work and your project has commenced, the authorization and granted access will be accepted as agreement to pay on completion.

Failure to pay your balance in full will result in the void of any work guarantees or warranties and may result in the refusal of any future service requests.